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Did you know, most new vehicles after 2012 don't have a Spare Wheel?

Road Hero is a space saver wheel kit, designed to eliminate the danger of being stranded and to get you home safely! Vehicles manufactured after 2012 are no longer required to provide a spare wheel, due to regulation changes. In 2016, the AA & RAC attended almost 180,000 breakdowns, due to a flat tyre and a lack of spare wheel. The Road Hero Space Saver Kit stops the everyday motorist from getting stranded and to ensure they get home safely. Road Hero offers 108 different wheel options, covering 95% of the car park manufactures.

What should I do if I don't have a Spare Wheel in my boot?

Don't get stranded! As most new vehicles no longer have a Spare tyre in the boot, when or if you break down, you may become stranded. With the Roadhero Spare Tyre Kit, you will have everything you need to change your tyre safely at the side of the road, allowing you to continue your journey within minutes. We strongly recommend purchasing a Roadhero Spare Tyre Kit, not only for convenience, but for your safety. You never know when or where you might break down, so why not drive with peace of mind, knowing whatever happens, you'll make it to your destination safely and on time.

Which Spare Tyre size should I choose?

Depending on your vehicle, you may need to order either a 15inch, 17inch or 18inch tyre. Usually, you would match to your standard tyre size (written on the wall of your tyre). If you're unsure on which tyre size to select, why not contact us with your vehicle registration prior to ordering? You can email us [email protected]

Which stud variation do I need to order?

This is fairly straight easy, most vehicles offer a 5 stud variation but to be sure, simply check the current stud fitment on either of your currently installed wheels.

Where should I store my Spare Tyre kit?

The Roadhero Spare Tyre kit can be installed within the boot of the vehicle. You will be provided with a handy wheel storage bag to protect your spare wheel. You'll also receive a spare tyre install kit bag, which will include everything you need to safely replace the punctured tyre at the side of the road.

What else is included in the Roadhero Spare Tyre Kit?

We provide you with all the tools you will need to replace your Spare Tyre, including, the correct fitment Spare Tyre, a warning Triangle, High Vis Vest, Wrench, 2 Ton Scissor Jack, Rain Poncho, Head Torch, Kneeling Mat, Gloves and more.

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